Farewell Romania


Farewell Romania

I bid adieu to fair Carmen,
Thanks her beyond my words capability,
For all the homely hostel and hospitality.
Au revoir to dear Sabina, for all her kindness along the walking tour.
I then bid another adieu to charming Mihai,
Wishing him goodluck on his superb determination to paint a better Romania,
May one day the world realize how beautiful is, a country named Romania.
To Lydia, Daniella and the kind taxi driver,
May your life journey be all rosy.
Dear bubly Ella, i wish we met earlier and roam the world together.
To the people of Romania,
Now that I know how kind their hearts are,
Prejudices and accusations that I heard before seemed unrelevant and harsh,
For they are the people with pride and dignity,
May all the positive glows come to shine upon Romania,
And later may the whole world know,
BEAUTIFUL is a middlename for Romania and her people.

-Faa, 21 Nov 2012: on the night train to Budapest.

5 thoughts on “Farewell Romania

  1. Your tribute goes to show what a lovely person you are Faa, You have taken the time to meet and get to know the locals; I do too, because it makes the trip more meaningful. To me, travelling is not just about taking pictures of famous buildings or the diverse landscapes nor is it about crossing borders and adding a stamp on our passports. It is the opportunity to experience and feel the ‘heart’ of the place and its people that makes the journey extra special.

    • Thanks raroto for your kind words. Yes, travelling is not just about ourselves, it involves our surrounding as well. The best way to travel, most of the times would be without people from our country. Only by that way we are force to really look around us. We will definitely make friends, understanding locals, talk to them and really being into the moment, rather than see it behind our lenses. Still, I want to see Ulan Bator and ride those Trans Siberian train with you 😉

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