A wonderful award from a wonderful person



I left my blog many weeks ago, and I came back to a blog with award nomination. I was surprised and still am. I was touched and still am. I was happy and will always be. Thus, THANK YOU so much to http://duniyaku.wordpress.com/2014/04/11/an-award-for-me-yay-ness/comment-page-1/#comment-244 ;  a very lovely and a wonderful person whom I met during those first years of my working life. She was the reason behind my decision to join WordPress not long ago. She is also a kind of my strength in keeping up the commitment of blogging. Having said that, I definitely accept the award and subsequently, will answer all the questions as listed below.

If you were an element (earth/water/air/fire) what kind of element would you be and why?

Air. Air is freedom. Air exists with abilities to be here and there. Air is not trap in one place and not bound by anything except by the will of God.

What is your biggest fear?

Sleeping alone. Ironically, I was in a boarding school for my entire teenagers life and lived in a hostel with single bed. Also, I went backpacking to places I have never been before and I am going solo soon!

If your career had never taken off, what would you have been?

Hahaha..honestly I will pursue my interest in history and ended up being an archaeologist. I might be digging something, somewhere..

Are you a morning person, or a ‘night owl’?

Definitely, a night owl.

If you’re given a choice between becoming a world-famous ballet dancer, a neurosurgeon or a charity worker, which would you pick and why?

A charity worker; so that I am closer to the reality of life.

Do you agree with the saying that a man is ruled by his head, a woman by her heart?



I personally count your award as a vote of confident for me.

Thank you again, raroto 😉


2 thoughts on “A wonderful award from a wonderful person

  1. Friendship is never anything but sharing, my dearest one.
    When I first received the award, I was ecstatic; and the first person I had in mind to share it with is YOU! I could almost see you now, in front of the screen grinning like a cat with a canary LOL!! Congratulations Faa *hi-5*
    I’ve missed you on WordPress. And now that you’re back, do stay on longer… Keep on filling up your blog with classy, brilliant and beautiful photos that reflect who you really are!

    • Thank you again for the award. I would never be able to thank you enough. Without your support and encouragement, I would not be here in WordPress. I would never know the feelings of sharing different kinds of pictures with different kinds of people, from all over the world without having to speak or write a 6 pages essay. Frankly, I was grinning last nite until my cheeks hurt. Haha. It never cross my mind what pictures can do to people’s feeling until I looked at Steeve Mc Curry’s war pictures and from there, I started looking at world from a different view. I believe each picture has a story to tell; and that is why I like it here. I can try to tell their stories and in return, I have millions of other people’s stories to read and marvel at, including your amazing stories and pictures which never fail to amaze me 😉

      Mercí Madame.

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