Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument


DSC_3682- edt


Iiliu Maniu’s broken statue (one of the persecuted politician of Romania during the Communist reign) symbolized his resistance to Communism which later claimed his life. He was found guilty by the kanggaroo court of Communism and sent for life imprisonment in Sighet Prison. Due to his already old age, he died in the prison and his body was thrown in the common grave at the prison’s yard. I found the irony of this monument after been told by locals in Bucharest that the rooftop behind the statute was where the late Nicolae Ceausescu gave his final speech attempted to calm the people of Romania who were more than readied to throw out his government, back in 1989. His attempt failed and he fled Bucharest by helicopter with his wife from this rooftop, while thousands of people watched. They were later captured by the army at Targoviste and sentenced to death on Christmas Day, December 25, 1989.

So much so for the oppressor and the oppressed.

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