2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge




My life without books is unimaginable. I started reading since I was 5 years old. Books are my first best friends and we remain together until now. I will always have books with me; in my bag, in my car, in my toilet, in my rooms (books are everywhere), in my office and literally everywhere I go, I will be accompanied by at least one book. I even travel with books. I will read one page of a book (normally more than a page) before I go to sleep, every night. No wonder my favorite places in the whole world are library, a room full of books and bookshops. It is fair to say that I cannot live without books.

As such, I will always make it a point to have reading lists. I challenge myself to read certain numbers of books in a year. For 2014, I decided to join 2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge.


They provided six tiers of reading levels:

1-10 – A Firm Handshake
11-20 – A Friendly Hug
21-30 – First Kiss
31-40 – Sweet Summer Fling
41-50 – Could this be love?
50+ – Married With Children

I choose to read 100 books in year 2014, and that makes me fall under ‘Married With Children’ level 🙂 Now, what am I going to read? Well, I will be reading all sorts of books. This is my first 20 books to start with (frankly, I have read 8 of them last January):

  • The Lost Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn
  • Just Like Heaven by Julia Quinn
  • A Night Like This by Julia Quinn
  • The Sum of All Kisses by Julia Quinn
  • The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After by Julia Quinn
  • Shenzen: A Travelogue From China by Guy Delisle
  • The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  • Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
  • Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
  • My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult
  • The Faults in Our Stars by John Green
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
  • British Postcards of the First World War by Peter Doyle
  • Frost: Poems by Robert Frost
  • A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
  • The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey
  • Lonely Planet Pocket Guide Bruges & Brussels by Helena Smith
  • Rough Guide to the Netherlands by Martin Dunford, Phil Lee & Suzanne Morton-Taylor
  • Detection Unlimited by Georgette Heyer

Having said all that, let’s start reading peeps! 😉