Weekly Photo Challenge – Nighttime


Prague 572

in the darkest of night, I stood amongst the bronze shoes of those who had fallen, for the freedom they cannot choose, nor gained, fall dead in the cold River Danube.

I also thought of many others who fought tremendously for the price of their freedom and sovereignty, while I was still standing amongst countless shoes, ashamed of the freedom I have and I taste, that I did not gain or choose.

– faa, 23 Nov 2012: Shoes Memorial along the River Danube, Budapest


  *it was quite dark when I was finally there, at the bank of River Danube. Nobody was around as the temperature dipped to 10°C. The silence was too prominent with the glittering Chainsbridge not far away from me and the distance rumbled of traffic behind me. I was all alone by myself with only the shoes as companions. The Memorial was built in a memory of once-real shoes scattered on the same place many years ago. The shoes belonged to Jews who were executed cold bloodedly with close range shots from the Arrow Cross Militiamen back in 1944-45 when Jews were persecuted for just being Jews.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts


without name

From the darkness of Budapest Keleti pályaudvar or Budapest Keleti Railway Station for us; to the broad daylight of November sun.  As the train rolled in the station, I smiled. My excitement was overwhelming. I was a giddy girl, ready to experience the romanticism this city has to offer. A city divided by the legendary Danube River. I even penned a poem for Budapest which I will share one of these days 😉


Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top


Being on top of the world doesn’t mean anything unless you know what it’s like to be at the bottom first.


the Curious Case of Post Offices


And none will hear the postman’s knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

I am a postcards addict. Wherever I travel, I will make sure to find post office, or post box, post people who is responsible to collect your mail for delivery (in countries where they barely have decent post office) or a postman himself; to send my postcards. Sometimes, I found big post offices with nearly everything sold inside, and there were times when I barely found any postbox to post my postcards. My favorite post office so far is in Dubrovnik Old Town. Look at the pictures and you will know why!

I found this beautiful post office between the alleys in Dubrovnik Old Town. Somehow, the balcony reminded me of Romeo and Juliet scene in Verona

DSC_3751that man over there is cute, but I have to blur him out, in case people get distracted by his look, rather than suppose to be smitten by the cute Romanian post sign 😉

Prague 331

People really appreciate post office in Budapest. I always found it full to the brim with people no matter at what hours I went.

The most surprising postboxes was the one I encountered in the small island of Don Sao, Laos. It was a bright yellow wooden box and the postcards were stamped in front of me by one of the shopkeeper before I put the postcards in the postbox. Weird, huh. Having seen that, I have no high hope for my cards to reach its destinations. Surprisingly, all 4 of them did! The farthest was to Zagreb, Croatia. It arrived, safe and sound 😉 Well, that tells me never underestimate the power of post system. You will never know, until the mail reach you!

I will keep on posting postcards, and keep on finding those unique post offices or postboxes. Wherever I go.