Weekly Photo Challenge – Endurance




I never properly count the steps. I just climb. I just want to reach the top and go down again and again for at least 3 times. I love the surrounding but the grey asphalt of those stairs sometimes give me goose bumps. What if I am too focus on my steps and trip over those menacing stairs, tumbling helplessly all the way down. Or, what if I am too tired to climb those stairs and refuse to climb religiously on a daily basis. Worst of all, what if I only manage to climb once; up and down, and that is it. It would definitely means I fail to reach my fitness goal. I fail to endure it all. That must means, I do not have endurance to face those stairs. Wouldn’t I?

*my monolog with the devil-me inside my head, every time I climb those stairs in the name of fitness.

– Precint 14, Putrajaya Malaysia.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra


DSC_0068Pelicans-ballerinas extra members at Putrajaya Wetland Park, doing their barre exercises.

Displaying their charm.

* Wetland Park in Putrajaya, Malaysia is the first man-made wetland in Malaysia, making it one of the largest constructed freshwater wetlands in the tropics.